Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Presser Shabbat Vegetarian Indonesian Dinner 2018

Dinner is by RESERVATION. The deadline is Monday, Dec 3 at noon!!!!
Vegetarian dinner will be catered by the wonderful Indonesian-American couple pictured above @ $18 per person. We will have kid food @ $5 per kid.
Beer and soda will be included.
Reservation instructions are below the menu.
  • Sauté savory tempe
  • Yellow curry egg and tofu
  • Nasi uduk (coconut rice)
  • Mixed vegetables sauté with tofu
  • Urap (veggies with grated coconut)
  • Rice and garlic crackers
To reserve, go to www.paypal.com . Click on “Money”, then “Send Money”, and then “Send Money to Friends and Family”
You are sending it to our Treasurer: treasurer@DorsheiDerekh.org (You will probably see a circle that says DD).
Fill in the total amount.
In the “Add a note”, include the following information so Arnie knows what the $$$ are for:
  • Names
  • Number of Adults @ $18
  • Number of kids @$5
  • Total: $_____

Contact Betsy Teutsch (bpteutsch@comcast.net) if

*You don’t use PayPal and must pay by check

*You wish to register with an available subsidy

We will not be able to accommodate people without reservations!