Saturday, May 7, 2011

Congratulations to Howard Spodek on the publication of two books!

Actually, four books, since one of them is three volumes.  Howard celebrated the publication of Ahmedabad, and a three volume translation of an autobiography by a Gujarati, Indula Yagnik.

From Amazon:

Product Description

In the 20th century, Ahmedabad was India's "shock city." It was the place where many of the nation's most important developments occurred first and with the greatest intensity -- from Gandhi's political and labor organizing, through the growth of textile, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, to globalization and the sectarian violence that marked the turn of the new century. Events that happened there resonated throughout the country, for better and for worse. Howard Spodek describes the movements that swept the city, telling their story through the careers of the men and women who led them.

"A major contribution to the history of modern India and to urban studies in general.... A scholar's model for future historical studies of cities, especially those in the developing nations." -- Owen M. Lynch, C. F. Noyes Professor Emeritus, New York University

"Brings into focus the forces of social, political, economic, and cultural change which have transformed India in the 20th century." -- Lynn Hollen Lees, University of Pennsylvania

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