Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Dorshei Derekh 5 go the City to Shore Ride for MS

Five Dorshei Derekh members are participating in the MS 150 fundraising bike ride at the end of September from Cherry Hill to Ocean City NJ and back (75+ miles each way) for the purpose of improving medical research for multiple sclerosis. We appreciate that there are a number of other opportunities for you to support fundraising rides and walks. We would be honored if you would also consider contributing to our efforts – whatever you feel comfortable giving.

The riders are Adina Abramowitz, Kate Cook, Naomi Klayman, Amy Lowenthal, and Carol Tinkleman. You have the option of contributing to us individually at the websites listed below, or supporting us as a group by making out a check to National MS Society and mailing it to Naomi Klayman, 7340 Rural Lane, Philadelphia PA 19119. All funds raised through checks will be shared by us equally.

Thank you for considering supporting our ride.

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