Monday, April 16, 2012

Dorshei Derekh Listserv Posting Policy

Dear Dorshei

I am pasting below the Code of Conduct for the Dorshei Derekh Listserve, which was ratified on June 6, 2011 by a minyan meeting and was e-mailed out to the listserve last year. It is also posted on the Dorshei bulletin board.

Since the Pennsylvania primaries are coming up (next Tuesday, April 24), I would like to remind you particularly of point #2 below, which says, "Do not endorse for office or solicit funds for any political candidate or political party."

We have interpreted this to mean that you should not even give your personal opinion of a particular candidate on the Dorshei listserve. We realize that this limits free speech, but we are doing this to protect the greater good. Apparently, GJC's tax-exempt status could be jeopardized if the shul itself were to endorse a candidate, so we are building a very wide wall around this.

If you have any questions about this, e-mail me back and I'll try to find out the answers.

Thank you

Mikael Elsila

See below....
The Dorshei Derekh listserve is meant to facilitate the work of the minyan and to build community among the members of the minyan through an exchange of information and opinions. To further that purpose, those who post to the listserve are required to abide by the following rules:
1. Avoid using l'shon hara (negative, disparaging or unkind language) and rechilut (language that causes strife or acrimony).
2. Do not endorse for office or solicit funds for any political candidate or political party.
3. Repeated advertisements to promote businesses or commercial activities are not acceptable.
4. Any statement on a controversial subject must be expressed as a personal view.
5. Any statement endorsing an organization or suggesting participation in any of its activities must disclose the basic nature of the organization.
6. Only paid-up members of Dorshei Derekh may post opinions and activities on the listserve that are unrelated to Dorshei Derekh.
7. Inquiries asking for off-list responses are welcome.
8. Every posting should include a clear, concise subject line.
9. A forwarded email should begin with a sentence or two explaining why the sender thinks the email is important to post to the list.
If you believe any of these rules have been disregarded, please contact the Minyan Coordinator, who will respond appropriately. Repeated violations of these rules will result in the violator being barred from posting to the list.
The committee suggests that this statement, once approved initially, get posted to the listserve and thereafter to every new person who joins the listserve. We also suggest that a statement that these guidelines exist appear automatically at the bottom of each posting along with a link to the guidelines, which can be placed on the Dorshei Derekh blog.

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