Monday, September 19, 2022

Dorshei Derekh Allocates 10% of Our Surplus for Tsedakah: Elul 2022

We have accumulated a surplus, a nice challenge for a small group like ours. We've decided that in Elul, we will donate 10% of our surplus. This initiative was hatched and shepherded by Lynne Jacobs. Thanks, Lynne! Jennifer Paget and myself, Betsy Teutsch, joined the group. It's an experiment; the minyan will revisit in the future.

Here are our five tsedakah allocations for Elul 2022:

Family Promise of Philadelphia   in honor of Rachel Falkove's retirement, formerly the Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network.  

The Welcoming Center  in support of Afghan refugees. We are so wowed by the work that our members Naomi Klayman and Debbie Stern are doing GJC-wide. The Welcoming Center is the fiscal sponsor for the GJC initiative helping resettle our Afghan family.

Donors Choose in support of Philadelphia schools in need - this funds specific teacher requests.

Female Hebrew Benevolent Society  in support of emergency financial aid for Jewish women in crisis. The FHBS is over 200 years old!

Jerusalem African Community Center in support of African asylum seekers in Israel in Jerusalem, where our alum Ari Brochin works.


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