Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Purim Hangers

Fun time tonight!
Thanks to all who chanted megillah, and made the night festive.
You might be wondering why we included a hanger in the Mishloach Manot; maybe a gag about Haman's fate?
Actually it's following our custom of including a sustainability tool.  Other years we've included cfl's (back when they were new and weird), bowl covers, even coffee mugs.
I found hangers like this one in Europe once and brought a few home.  They are the sturdiest I've ever used for hanging laundry to air dry - for sure a way to save energy.  These are heavy enough to hang up a heavy wet towel to dry, for example.
One day this winter I decided to treat myself to a dozen of them.  Life is short.  Buy great hangers.  But I couldn't find them anywhere.  A google image search finally turned some up. In quantities of 100.  All reused.  (even greener!).  And only available in - you guessed it - Philadelphia, PA.  So enjoy your hanger!

ubhtn.jpg  (UBHG) Used Plastic Pant Hangers $19.00 Box of 100
Plastic pant hanger with metal swivel hook. 14" with adjustable clips. There may be printing on the hangers. Available in Grey only. While supplies last. Larger Image & More Info

Shipping Notes: This item ships in one 16 lb. box by UPS. Available in Philadelphia, PA only.

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Abby Weinberg said...

G!D bless Betsey Platkin Teutsch for being the most amazing woman of valor! Lucky us to have her in our midst!! Awesome Purim baskets this year!! Thanks to all who made them!