Sunday, June 19, 2011

Barb Pearson's Car Mitzvah

Betsy, Meenal, and Barb - note the train schedule behind us.
And the high calorie food cyclers can eat!
Meenal Raval orchestrated a Car Mitzvah , or more precisely (but less word-playful) a Car-Free Mitzvah, for Barb Pearson.  Barb has given up her old mini-van and opted to get around via her trusty bike, mass transit, walking (with her dogs, of course) and the occasional PhillyCarShare rental.
Meenal is looking to match car-sharers up, folks who each have minimal use for a car, but prefer to hold on to their vehicles.  In Barb's case, she decided she used her car so infrequently that it was not financially sensible to pay insurance, or hassle with parking, inspection, and maintenance.
Below is a gift from one of the other celebrators, her neighbor Rick (who still has a car):


Aviva said...

way to go, Barb. you are in great shape and a model for the rest of us.
love the idea, meenal, of car mitzvah, celebrating a ritual passing indeed.

Naomi Hirsch said...

Mazal tov, Barb!