Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mazel tov to Naomi and Adina on their son Jeffrey's Wedding to Devalina

Naomi Klayman and Adina Abramowitz celebrated the wedding of their son Jeffrey Wiesner and Devalina Guha-Roy on Sunday, May 29th in Delaware County, PA. The couple thoughtfully included rituals from their Jewish and Hindu traditions and discovered that there is a lot of overlap between the two.
Devalina’s family is from Bangladesh, and guests came from as far away as India and Israel for this joyous occasion. Guests included Jews, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians who all welcomed and embraced each other. It was great to see women in saris and men in kurtas dancing the hora. As one person mentioned, “the United Nations could take lessons from this family!”
Naomi and Adina are full of joy that Jeff and Dev found their beshert and are creating a home together. Jeff is a web designer and Dev is an elementary school teacher specializing in the use of computers in education. They are avid bikers and have gotten Naomi and Adina into distance biking. They share commitments to acting with intention and to social and economic justice.
Photos  taken by Amy Lowenthal (gorgeous!)

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Prof Jose said...

Mazel tov to wonderful leaders of our minyan, with appreciation for all they do for us as well as the joy that they now are experiencing.