Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Deborah Schartzman will design the Dorshei Derekh Parochet

Deborah Schwartzman's Sketch for the Parochet

We appreciate the many thoughtful submissions.  Deborah Schwartzman, a renowned Mt. Airy quilt artist will be designing our parochet, hopefully in time for our 25th anniversary celebration in December 2011.  She created the magnificent Seven Species designs the the Chapel.
Here is her artist statement:

Please note that I factored in the opening of the ark doors in relationship to the placement of color and shapes on the parochet. I also have a concept for the opening and closing mechanism. The parochet would be all natural fibers, predominantly silk. Please know that the colors are just representative of the color choices I might be making. As far as the artquilt proposal for the pillars in Stage Two I also have a concept for their preservation and protection. My vision for this entire project is based on your name and the definition of Dorshei Derekh - seeker of the way pursuer of the path. I envisioned that which you would encounter on a journey, and all the elements of nature and life from the sea to the land, to the mountain and the sky.Thank you for this opportunity and I am happy to answer any questions and continue this dialogue if you are interested in my vision. 

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